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Teresa Waldof

Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant

An expert in building collaborative high-performance teams, Ms. Waldof is a dynamic speaker who brings positive energy to every presentation she gives. A business executive with over 30 years of management experience, her VACIP© and DRIP© methodologies help companies create efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Her book, Wilhelm’s Way: The Inspiring Story of the Iowa Chemist Who Saved the Manhattan Project, recounts the contributions to the war effort of Dr. Harley Wilhelm and the Ames Project division of the Manhattan Project during World War II. His invention to purify uranium, the Ames Process, as well as his mass production method led to the successful, decisive, and swift end to World War II. Remarkably, eighty years later, his methods are still in use today!

Ms. Waldof holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

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Speaking Topics

Are you wondering why your company is missing its targets? A new approach to root cause analysis that will draw a direct line from lack of visibility to lack of profit. In this presentation your team learns the tools and critical evaluation skills of VACIP©. You will assess your current state and learn to map out the path to your preferred state. Simple, elegant, and easy to implement, you can immediately put VACIP© into use in your organization.

Are you putting your time and resources to their best use?
Each day and every hour we make decisions of prioritization. Are you making the right ones to move your company or organization forward? In this presentation your team learns skills that challenge the status quo in how they prioritize their time and use of company resources. A powerful means to move your business forward, DRIP© will drive your organization to better results from day one.

The Ames Project
An unknown history of critical work on the Manhattan Project
In February 1942, while the first American troops arrived in Europe and others found themselves engaged in desperate combat against Japanese invasion forces during the Battle of Bataan, Dr. Harley Wilhelm, a chemist at Iowa State, was recruited to produce uranium for the Manhattan Project. The challenges were immense, the obstacles great, yet Wilhelm and his small, ragtag team of scientists and technicians persevered, producing tons of pure uranium that were placed at the core of the world’s first controlled nuclear chain reaction. Their efforts over the next three years resulted in the atomic bombs that, ultimately, brought about the end to World War II.

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University Special Collections and University Archives

Ames Project Team Leaders (L-R) Harley A. Wilhelm, Adrian Daane, Amos Newton, Adolf Voigt, Wayne Keller, C F Gray, Frank Spedding, Robert Rundle, and James War

Wilhelm’s Way: The Inspiring Story of the Iowa Chemist Who Saved the Manhattan Project

In February 1942, leaders of the Manhattan Project had a problem: to prove a controlled nuclear chain reaction was possible, they needed pure uranium—tons of it and in less than ten months. With only a few grams in existence, there was little hope anyone could achieve such a feat. Harley Wilhelm, a chemistry professor at Iowa State College, rose to the challenge.

A sharecropper’s son and former college basketball coach, Wilhelm was an unlikely character to impact the course of world history. Nevertheless, he and his small, ragtag team of scientists and technicians surpassed everyone’s wildest expectations.

Wilhelm’s Way reveals the life and times of this unsung hero who helped America win race to build the atomic bomb that ended World War II.

Winning with Strategy 

You will be on your feet and ready to compete following this dynamic address! The key to winning is employing a strategy – the right strategy. Each presentation is customized to suit your team’s needs. Outsmart, outpace, and outsell your competition by using a strategic mindset.

Embracing Process Improvement

Is the status quo keeping your company from reaching its goals? Do you struggle to make change within your organization? A master in bringing people along on the journey to improved results, Ms. Waldof will share with you how to embrace change and make improvements by becoming more customer centric and showing your team how their work, their job, and their attitudes will improve when they do too.

The Critical Path Forward

Every day we make choices about what path to take – both at work and in our personal lives. Are you headed where you intended? Is your team making the right choices? Are you making choices in your life that get you where you want to go? In this session learn methods to make the choices that will catalyze and propel your business and your life.

Teresa Wilhelm Waldof

Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant

Ms. Waldof has been training, coaching, and mentoring teams in how to achieve stellar results for nearly 30 years. In her career she has:

  • Turned around underperforming companies and teams
  • Managed cross-divisional projects to successful outcomes
  • Launched new initiatives, including 4DX and Big Data, for an international market leader
  • And more!

An independent scholar, she is also the world’s leading expert on the Ames Project section of the Manhattan Project. She holds a B.A. in speech communications and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.